What’s your favourite type of print? … We’d love to know!

Please tell us your favourite type of print using the poll below!

We’d be very grateful if you could fill this out for us! We’ll be launching our new fingerprint product very soon… so look out 😛

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RAFFLE! £2 square on the main FB page!



On our main Facebook page we’re holding a raffle, £2 a square – 25 squares to fill!

Once all the squares are paid for we’ll do a lucky dip and the lucky winner will receive a charm worth £50!

Visit the pinned post http://www.facebook.com/thevintagecharmcompany to enter!

You can buy up to 5 squares, good luck!


We have these gorgeou11221514_873919306020302_2832414374738050183_ns cutters for our Christmas shapes!

These are necklace/keyring size only unfortunately but DO NOT COST EXTRA!

Will look gorgeous on your Christmas tree!

Classic heart shape at the bottom middle for size comparison.

Let us know what you think, Love VCC xxx


We have a fantastic promotiFotorCreatedonal offer for 50% off your order if your child has the following names George, Alexander or Louis and Georgia, Georgina, Alexandra and Louise.

Why? Because it’s Prince George’s 2nd birthday and we wanted to celebrate!

As we think a 2 year olds birthday is a perfect reason to celebrate we have a giveaway too!
Simply tag someone whose name (or children’s names) contains one of the said names and we will choose a tagged person at random to win a free Pandora charm.
Offer and competition will run until 5pm Thursday…
Get in touch to order and comment to enter!


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Mini People July Newsletter Photo Competition!

competition%20bannerWe ran an exclusive newsletter only competition where you get a chance to win £25 worth of vouchers off our products if you submit a photo of your mini people (your children)!

The pictures are being uploaded to our Facebook which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1093460580695311.1073741835.163732520334793&type=1&l=00df490e5f

If you had the newsletter you can still enter! Competition winner will be announced August on the newsletter, Facebook and this blog!

Good luck ❤

Love VCC xxx

Awesome it’s Autumn!

We are sad to say it, but summer is officially over and although we’ve been met with some fresher nights recently, here at The Vintage Charm Company, we’re getting quite excited at the sight of Autumn! With crisp mornings, beautiful rusty shades of orange, brown and red on the trees and Christmas getting closer as each week passes, we’ve decided to celebrate Autumn with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Here we’ve gathered together some interesting facts and wonder if you’ll be embracing Autumn with a smile…..and a woolly hat and scarf!

  • The official start of the Autumn season in the UK this year was 22nd September
  • Although we’re enjoying Autumn in the UK, not all countries have synchronised seasons. In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the months of September, October and November are as a matter of fact their Spring season!
  • On Sunday 28 October the clocks will go back, meaning we gain an hour and the nights get darker earlier. Do you have trouble remembering whether to move your clock hands forward or backwards an hour? Remember the phrase ‘spring forwards, fall backwards’ and you won’t forget!
  • You may sometimes hear autumn be referred to as “fall” usually by Americans. Why do they do this? It’s quite literal really, during this season the leaves on trees die and drop to the ground. During the time of middle English, over 500 years ago, phrases such as “fall of the leaf” and “fall of the year” were often used, hence the name “fall” now.
  • During Autumn you’ll notice that the leaves aren’t green anymore, but why do leaves change colour? As winter approaches, leaves make a coating which blocks their water source, and without water leaves can no longer produce chlorophyll which gives the leaves their green colouring! Science lesson for the day over.
  • Small mammals start building their nests for hibernation during autumn. Did you know that Hedgehogs normally hibernate from November until around March time. Could you sleep for that long?

We hope you enjoyed our Autumn Trivia and are enjoying one of the most beautiful seasons of all. Tell us what you love about Autumn below….