11707493_473207696194248_76630502756944674_nWant to spoil your loved ones this Christmas with a gorgeous keepsake charm from us? DO NOT PANIC! 🙂

We are introducing a Christmas Payment Plan where you pay instalments of the items right up until the end of November!

It’s not something that is for Christmas either, if you’d like to make a big order you have 2 weeks before the due date to pay off your products!

For instalments deposits must be made for orders under £100 = £20 deposit and orders over £100 = £40 deposit.

Terms and conditions

Deposit must be paid at time of order.

Final balance must be paid two weeks prior to dispatch date unless this is a Christmas order in which case final balance is due no later than Friday 27th November.

Any delays in receiving final balance will be added onto dispatch date.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Your VCC Consultant will make one reminder phone call and one reminder email if payment is still not received the order will be cancelled and deposit will not be returned.

Once final balance is two weeks late order will be automatically cancelled.

Changes to orders (for example changes to engraving) will only be accepted until 4 weeks prior to dispatch date.

Changes in value to order (by decreasing) cannot be made after the order is placed however orders can be added to at which point an additional deposit will be due to reflect the change.

Contact us for more details!

Love VCC xxx

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