The Charming Points Scheme – Our Loyalty Card has arrived!

We asked you if you wanted a loyalty card, and you said yes…well here it is!

We really appreciate each and every one of our customers, and are pleased we can now give a little something back to say ‘thank you’ for your loyalty to us!  The Charming Points Scheme gives you the opportunity to collect points in return for a £25 voucher.

Receive one point for every £100 spent, every friend you recommend who places an order, or for each party you host. It’s easy! Just collect 8 points to receive your £25 voucher.

We’ve even designed our own funky stamp to use on your cards. (We designed the logo stamp using the same method we use to create your hand, foot and pet paw print charms!)

And, because we’re nice and it’s Christmas time, we’re happy to include any of your previous orders. So if you’ve ordered in the past, and would like to join our Charming Points Scheme, simply click the “like” button below post, or mention it the next time you order and we can include any extra stamps.



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